Planning to start a new youtube channel but don’t know how to create a youtube channel? Here in this post, you’ll get a step-by-step guide about creating a new channel from the scratch. The best thing about youtube is it’s free and doesn’t need much rocket science level knowledge to get started on the platform. If you have basic knowledge of registration on various sites, you can easily create your channel in no time.

So, without taking much more of your time let’s walk through the process and hear the requirements you should have while creating the account.

Requirements for a YouTube Channel

There is only one thing you must need for creating a youtube channel, which is Google Account. If you already have one you can skip this step and scroll down for the further steps but if you don’t have any google account or want to make a new one, keep reading this article.

Create Google Account

You have the choice you create an account for personal use or manage a business, both have the same signup process but the business profile offers you some extra options to manage your account at a professional level.

Personal Google Account: This account is created for an individual to use for personal reasons, to send emails to friends, register on various platforms, or share Google play games with friends. This account is personal so you have to link all major applications with this, including photos, and WhatsApp backup. You have to share the login details of your whole account if you want to share any other social profile with anybody.

Business Google Account: This business account is created especially to get help in managing a business profile, you can create an account on YouTube, and rather than sharing your Google Account password to all your team, you can simply create new sign-in accounts for all of them with different login credentials to edit/modify/view your channel settings.

  • Click here to sign up on Google accounts.
  • A registration page will be opened, fill in all available details, your name, last name, username, and set up a strong password.
  • If your username isn’t available or already taken, try using some numbers or pick one from the suggestions.
  • On the next page, confirm your Date of Birth and phone number.
  • Once you click on the signup button, you have to agree to the terms & conditions of Google.
  • Click on agree and that’s it.
  • Now your google account is created, you can use this for the youtube channel.

How to create Youtube Channel with Google Account?

  • Open and click on the top right corner of your profile icon.
  • A list of some available options will be expanded.
  • Click on Create a Channel.
  • You can keep your profile name as your channel name or choose another name if you want to.
  • After that click on the save button and your channel will be created right at that moment.
  • It was easy, right?
  • Well, you have to do some changes here, upload a good profile icon for your channels, a cover photo with the given resolution, and a professional description about your channel & upcoming videos.

How to Change Profile Picture & Description

You must have to add a good-looking profile picture, cover photo, and description on your channel.

  • Go to and on the top right corner for the menu options.
  • Click on YouTube Studio. It will redirect you to a new page with your channels panel and control.
  • From here you can do all minor and major changes to your videos, channel, or account.
  • Find the channel settings option and click on general.
  • A page will be opened with the options to change/remove profile pictures, you can upload a photo from your gallery also.
  • Scroll down a bit and in the available text area, write the description of your channel and about yourself.
  • You can also add a website and link your social accounts through there, fill the profile URL to tag your accounts in your channel’s description.
  • Done.

How to verify your channel?

This verification doesn’t add any blue tick with your channel name, although, there is no blue tick feature on the YouTube platform. All the creators, no matter how many subscribers they have on their channel do not get any special treatment. All the creators are treated equally from youtube’s system.

This verification process is mandatory to let youtube know that you’re a genuine creator and want your videos to list in the user’s search results or on their feed. Once you’re verified you get more options and features on your channels for optimization of videos and your crew members.

  • To verify your channel, click on the top right corner profile icon.
  • Go to settings, there you’ll see an option with the name of Verify with pending status.
  • Click on that and it will ask you to provide an active contact number for security reasons.
  • Enter your contact number and verify with the one-time password.
  • Done, now you have a verified youtube channel and the crawlers are ready for your videos to viral your content.

When you’re done with all these basics you can start uploading videos on the channel.


We hope you got the details about how you can create a youtube channel from the scratch. If you have any issues while creating the account or verifying any detail, let us know about it so we can help you with alternate solutions.


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