You must be using all of the popular social platforms and sharing videos every day, but do you know how long should your videos be? Here’s the guide which can help you in learning the best analysis of all platforms about their videos and tracking of users’ interest.

First of all, there is no specific time limit you should be following, it all depends on your topic and genre of videos. If you’re into fashion or DIY stuff, make a short video of 30 seconds or up to 60 seconds only.

But if you’re into the technology or teaching genre, you could make videos with the length of multiple hours. So basically it all depends on your topic. But we have gathered a few facts and figures about the audience, about their preference, and how much time they’d like to spend on various platforms on watching videos.

Here’s the list of 4 major platforms we’ve been checking for the past few weeks and know the best results of them. Keep reading the article to learn something new from us.


As we all know Facebook is one of the oldest platforms we’ve been using for a long time for making new friends and sharing entertainment videos.

But here’s the fact that you can upload videos with the length of 30 minutes or even more than that, but to be precise about the audience, you should upload as per their interest.

The best time limit for all the audience is between 1 minute to 3 minutes, but if you’re targeting news videos or the aged group of the audience then we recommend you to keep the length between 1 minute to 10 minutes. Don’t upload the half-hour videos on the go, because nobody would like to spend half an hour on the same video if it isn’t interesting at all. So, keep it short and fill it with as much as content you can.


Instagram has many options for videos, you can upload normal videos, IGTV Videos, or Reels. They all are different from one another, but most probably ranking content with the higher interest of the audience is with the reels. After the ban of TikTok in India, Instagram introduced the Reels options for the influencers to make the same content as they did on TikTok by using audio layers, filters, and special effects.

These reel videos have the length of 15 seconds to 60 seconds, but the majority of videos that we saw regularly are of 30 seconds only. However, IGTV videos can be long enough from 15 minutes to 30 minutes. Whereas, people love watching short stories and updates through IGTV.

So, keep the IGTV Videos’ length from 2 minutes to 10 minutes for maximum.

For the Reels, we suggest you keep the length of Reel videos for 30 seconds.


It is widely popular for news and political updates, so it’s better to share videos with direct content, do not try to stretch the videos for watch time, because you don’t get any time of record for that. Only views will be countable, no matter how many minutes they watch the video.

We recommend you to keep the video short and keep the length of 45 seconds for maximum or even shorter if possible. Just throw the headlines and share your facts straight to the point.


Let’s discuss the most awaited platform youtube, majority of youtube videos don’t follow any trackback. It all depends on your content, if it’s worthy, you can make a video for more than 30 minutes, or even greater. If you’re just for the shorts or lip-syncing videos then 30 seconds will be enough.

Youtube has two different formats of videos, youtube videos, and youtube shorts.

Youtube Videos: It can be as long as you want, if you own a coding channel then your video might be lengthier than a couple of hours. We’ve seen videos of 5 hours long, and people love to get a whole course at once and watch it till the end.

Youtube Shorts: Newly introduced format of videos for the public to make short videos with the light of up to 60 seconds. Create or share clips with the audience by adding special effects, filters, or audio layers.

YouTube Videos Vs Shorts? Who has more potential viewers?

Youtube videos have a more genuine audience compared to shorts, as it has track counts, you can monetize and earn through youtube videos. Whereas, Shorts are for entertainment purposes only. You can create and share shorts to gain engagement but can’t make money through it. So, it’s better to stay focused on long-term actions rather than spending quality time on short-term entertainment.

What public likes the most?

If you want an answer in one word, we assume the word would be ‘Short’. Keep your videos short and straight to the point, don’t manipulate the public or waste their time by sharing false opinions or talking off-topic in the videos.

If you have good content, more audiences will like and share your point and you’ll get more traffic for sure. So, be clear with your content and the time limit doesn’t bother you or your audience.


In the end, we hope you got the right information about How Long Should Your Videos be on various platforms and what sort of videos the public likes the most if you have any suggestions or questions, you can drop your query into the below comment box. We will be glad to hear from your and try to assist you with the best services.

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