Are you planning to start your youtube channel but have no fair amount of knowledge about SEO and youtube ads? Here’s the perfect piece of content you should read before starting a career. This post is going to elaborate on some of the basics of Youtube and its ranking strategies. There is no fixed criteria for the ranking or recommended suggestions, youtube updates its algorithm every few months to reach more audience and provide relevant content to all of them.

This post is going to be fun so keep reading this article and don’t skip anything, even if you already knew the workings.

What YouTube checks in the video?

As the data says, more than a million videos are getting uploaded on youtube every single day. It’s a big task to watch every video because it seems impossible. So, youtube checks some basic details and decides the genre of your video as per those spaces.

Let us mention a few names you should be considering next time you upload a new video on your channel.


Mostly the title explains all about the video, that’s how youtube can arrange your videos into the perfect set collection of your specific genre.

Example: Top 10 Expensive Cars in the World

In this, the title itself explains that the video is going to be relevant to automobiles and vehicle categories.


You should be clear about the thumbnail, pick it from the video or make another thumbnail to explain your video through a single look.

As for the above example, we suggest you put some really expensive car images in the thumbnail.


Here you can describe all about your videos in text, you can write the names of the crew, source of the data, or give credit to the real holders.

Mention the names of the cars, their price, or the owners who own those luxuries.


It is considered as one of the easiest factors to reach more audience, we all love hashtags because through these simple # looking keywords we can describe a whole story of interest.

Mentioning #Cars #LuxuryLifestyle #BillionDollarVehicles #MostExpensiveWheels, these keywords can help you in getting more audience because when you see these tags, you get an enthusiastic feeling about knowing the facts.

This is how youtube gathers information from your videos and arranges your video according to its available details into a suitable category.

How do we see the relevant suggestions in our feed?

When you search for something on YouTube, it checks all the above-mentioned factors and prepares a list of some most relevant content, and upfront you the list. But how do you keep watching video after video of your interest and never feel bored? Here’s the quick answer.

YouTube keeps an eye on your moment, how long you’ve been watching the video, do you skip the same time-lapse, do you make multiple searches, or what kind of video you frequently watch.

After checking all those facts youtube suggests you the best out of best available options to keep you active on their platform and let you enjoy the videos.

Examples: You search for Expensive Cars on YouTube. Most probably the results will be of 10 Most Expensive Cars in the World. When you’re about to complete the video, the suggestion would be relevant to the first subject, as an example – Fastest Car in the World.

When I’ve watched the expensive cars, why wouldn’t I check the fastest car? I would. That’s how they keep us watching videos and generate heavy traffic by showing relevant videos in the feed of the audience.

How to rank videos on YouTube?

This is a hard task because SEO plays a different game on YouTube and Blogging. You should be known of the fact that providing good titles won’t lead you to any ranking for long, the content must be worthy to keep you on the board.

As far as we know, content is the king and words are the Queens. If you work on both things after analyzing the perfect data you can score more traffic than any other average video creator.

Let’s keep a few things in the bucket to keep your videos eligible for the ranking and boost.

Keep it clean

Don’t overuse the hashtags or keywords in the description, make it simple and clear for everyone to understand the category. If you add multiple category hashtags then youtube itself gets confused and leaves you at zero without listening to any specific category.

Example: If your video is about cars, mention only relevant tags and descriptive words. (Cars, Expensive Cars, Modified Engines)

If you use false words to get more engagement you’ll get nothing but disappointment. (Cars, Health, Vegetables, Electronic, don’t use this kind of multiple categories in one video)

No Clickbait

Don’t use the false title to attract more audiences, if you do so then they can report your channel of dislike your videos. With that scene, your video will surely be dumped soon into the dark where nobody could see the video. If you get multiple reports on your channel then you might have to lose the channel also. Because youtube is very strict about its rules and doesn’t tolerate much hate on anything.

Quality & Length

Don’t compromise with the quality or lengthy, try to provide the best quality as possible because nobody loves to watch a video with bad sound/audio quality.

For the length, don’t try to stretch the video length, keep it simple and short enough to cover your topic without making your visitors bored.

Don’t use Bots

Try to be genuine all the time, even if your videos aren’t getting any traffic, leave them as they are, try to improve the optimization on keywords and video. But never fall for paid views or traffic exchange services because they deliver you the dead views which are easy to track from the youtube algorithm. This can also cause the permanent loss of losing channel.


It’s hard to stay dependent on the same strategy because it never remains the same after a few months. You should be learning on your own, keep improving your content, and don’t forget to mention all necessary information in the videos. Hope you guys have enjoyed our post about How Does the YouTube Algorithm Work and get better results in the feed.


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