Pastor Cindy Trimm Atomic Prayer

Pastor Cindy Trimm Atomic Prayer

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Dr.Cindy Trimm: The Rules of Engagement March 1, 2010 By

Dr.Cindy Trimm: The Rules of Engagement- Part 1 Written By Nichelle Early, Editor-in-Chief

Maybe you have unintentionally bought into the idea that you can't wage warfare against the enemy.Perhaps you've been trained to believe that spiritual warfare is only for the pastor, evangelist, or seasoned church mother who is renowned for engaging in such activity.Well, today we're helping you banish that illusion beyond any doubt, by sharing with you an exclusive interview with this month's featured preaching woman, Dr.Cindy Trimm.

She cordially accepted our invitation to be published on our site and impart to us some rules of engagement regarding leadership, strategic prayer, the Kingdom, and our spiritual responsibilities for such a time as this.

Baring a warm personality and a heart of gold, Dr.Trimm is one of the most intelligent, down-to-earth people you could ever meet.Mantled with enormous responsibility, she serves as a prime example of an innovative preaching woman whose ministry is sweeping the globe, as she wins souls for Christ and strives to unlock the God-given potential of everyone she encounters.Best known as the General in the Art of Strategic Prayer and Spiritual Warfare, Kingdom Practitioner, Dr.Trimm is an empowerment specialist, respected prophetic voice, bestselling author, life coach, chancellor and ambassador of Hope; but most importantly, she is a potently anointed woman of God abounding with love and concern for humanity.

As one of the leading voices of this time, Dr.Trimm founded Cindy Trimm International (CTI), to bring practical solutions to spiritual and social ills; effecting change within our communities while transforming the course of our global destiny.

Her track record as a revolutionary thinker and prolific communicator, has established her as one of the most respected and sought-after leaders in the world today.Though it seems that Dr.Trimm appeared out of nowhere onto the world stage, that is certainly not the case.She is a 21st Century World Leader who has partnered with heads of state, business moguls, politicians, church, civic and world leaders for more than 30 years to equip and empower millions to maximize their potential.

As many people are extremely intrigued and ultimately spellbound by the wisdom, exploits, and authority she portrays by the power of God's Holy Spirit,'s founder, Nichelle Early (NE), embraced the opportunity to speak candidly with Dr.Trimm (CT) and ask the questions inquiring minds want to know.

NE: Dr.Trimm, many people are amazed with how God uses you so mightily for His glory.But, I want to share with them the woman behind the ministry.So, my first questions is, "Who are you? Or, who do you say Dr.

N.Cindy Trimm is?"

CT: I think if I am to explain who I am it would be from the perspective of purpose and mission.I was born to unlock the hidden God-given potential in people and to help them maximize their leadership potential; to inspire them towards spiritual growth and innovative activities that leave the world a better place for the next generation.I exist to provide a service to humanity by being a leader of leaders and providing mentorship in this hour.

However, beyond that, I'm just a regular person and I strive to be very humble...Personally, I am a British-American, born on a little island called Bermuda.I love learning, travelling, reading and eating (LOL!).But, most importantly, I love doing what God has called me to do; ministry.

I love to preach, and I live by what I preach.The Bible is my moral compass.

I read it for personal enrichment, spiritual motivation and inspiration.

God has given me His word, strategies and principles to share with people and I love doing that, because people are my passion.I love people from all walks of life and I aspire to make the world a better place!

NE: Dr.Trimm that is awesome and the world truly needs more people like you.

CT: Thank you! I want to leave a legacy of hope, spirituality and goodness for the next generation to follow.

It is a privilege to serve and to be used by God.

NE: Well certainly you are doing that; you truly exemplify that each time you take the platform to minister to God's people and we thank you for who you are what you are doing in and for the s begin for you?

CT: Well, back in the day, I started preaching when I was young.

And, there were not a lot of female preachers in my area at the time.However, I encountered a very powerful preaching ministry at a nominal church and I began going there.They discipled and taught me.

As I grew in the Lord, I began having dreams, visions, and experiences, but there was no one to explain to me what I was experiencing.Now, this church believed in the Holy Spirit, but they took exception to the manifestations of Holy Spirit.

So eventually, I left and went to a Pentecostal church.There, they were demonstrating the power of the Holy of the Holy Spirit, I decided that I wanted to do what they were doing.So, I asked God to allow me to do what I saw them doing by the power of His Holy Spirit.Sometime later, I had an encounter with God and I was filled with the fullness of the Holy Ghost!...By the time I was 18, I was invited to speak at a youth meeting.

I wasn't invited because I could preach, I actually was invited because they needed a speaker and someone told them that I was a great talker, so I accepted
pastor cindy trimm atomic prayer
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Volume 6, Issue 63 The Year Of Increase July 2011
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I preached, God blessed, and I have preached every since!

NE: Wow! Talking about a divine appointment!

CT: That's right! Understand that when destiny and purpose intersects the avenue of opportunity, it creates the occasion for greatness! When the opportunity comes, and it comes to everyone, we must all make destiny decisions.

The Year of IncreaseVolume 6, Issue 63 July 2011

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Welcome to July, the Month of Faith.As we prepare to enjoy the lazy hazy days of summer, allow me to use this moment to remind you of the importance of faith.

The Bible describes faith as the one criterion that pleases God.By definition, faith is an unwavering trust and an unshakeable confidence in God and His Word.Wherever faith exists God is pleased, fear is banished, and in very practical ways we see the removal of letters " from the word impossible, making room for all possibilities.Faith is

Use your faith to

- God's promises are initially grasped through the eyes of faith.His promises never appear right away, instead they must be visualized afar off and believed before the journey toward realization can ever begin.Faith is the lens through which we see the invisible, and what your natural eyes cannot see, your faith will see.What do you see? (Hebrews 11:1).


Faith now moves from our eyes and becomes the fuel in our feet, moving us toward the realization of what we saw.Life is a walk of faith, each step embedded in the sure foundation of God's immutable promises; and where others fear to go, your faith will take you there.What are you reaching for? (2 Corinthians 5:7) Use your faith to SUCCEED - The dream realized will always be a result of faith.Transforming the invisible promises of God into reality is the sole job of faith.From the eyes to the feet the journey will conclude with the reward of the hands; and what others cannot achieve, by faith you will make possible.

What are your faith dreams? (Hebrews 11:6).

Throughout this month, I want to encourage you to stretch your faith to its full extent.

God's promises are faithful and they are true.As His people, His desire is that we believe as never before, do as never before, and succeed as never before.

What you see, stretch for it and you will succeed! I also want to encourage you to support the many individuals in this month's newsletter who are doing great things for God.Let us be a part of the room that their gifts are making for them as they stretch their faith in pursuit of their God-given dreams.

In the end we will all be able to celebrate our collective successes, and together declare "what faith in God can do!" With love while Changing & Affecting Lives,

Your Pastor, Orim M.Meikle

By divine direction, and led by our SeniorFrom Good to GreatA key element in moving the ministry from Good to Great is the elimination of our current debt load.To learn more about this great initiative and to participate click here.This year, the Rhema Walk/Run Club is specifically designed to prepare participants for the CIBC Run for the Cure that will be held on October 2nd, 2011.

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Contributing Writer - Kerri-Ann Haye-Donawa

Learning To Be Still"Be still and know that I am God..."(Psalm 46:10) In an age such as ours, where progress is almost worshipped, the concept of being still isn't a revered idea, nor is it an easy feat.In fact, history teaches us that as humans we are bent towards activity.Our propensity is to see movement and action.

Results now! Case in point, when God delayed the coming of their promised child, Sarah chose to rely on the only remedy for barrenness that she knew...Contributing Writer - Brian Dinnall

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Why? Because Christ said in John 12:32, "And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto me." The fact is that He has risen, and as I live my life...Contributing Writer - Lance Constantine

I Am RevolutionI am revolution, I am change.

Effortlessly, I spring out as a tree, Fruit representing the degree Of the greatness within me.

I am revolution, consistent in the movement, So history will change itself fluently.A speech can transform a country, and a deed Can change the heart of a man, Just like a seed of greatness will blossom Even though there is famine in the land.Time waits for no one but it waited for me.

I am revolution. Nembhard & Exousia Media Group Present...

My Brothers Keeper The Music Hall Theatre

July 14th, 15th, 16th, 17th

riter and Director, Cheryl Nembhard, who brought you the Gospel smash hit musical 'The Ultimate Sacrifice', now brings a brilliant story of forgiveness, family, hope and overcoming obstacles.

For more information and to purchase tickets Kingdom Ambassadors Intl.Min.& Kings House Production Inc.Present...
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*Morning Workshops 10am - 3pm *Brunch *Conference Bag including Dr.Trimm's Book *Evening Session 6pm

Get ready as Rhema's very own Londa Larmond releases her new album GREAT THINGS - coming July 2011.

Londa Larmond delivers a strong performance on this fresh gospel anthem that will have you praising God in a brand new way.

Great service at this morning! Be there at 6pm for a service geared toward the family. Special time of prayer & anointing!
LADIES' NITE!!! Pastor Lisa Kai & Worship Warrior Cindy Scullard rocked the FISHTank this morning talkin' 'bout
Wonderful morning at Trinity. Loved Billy Bob White and Cindy Foote's praise and Pastor Witcher's word on Purpose.
Shout out to pastor Patrick and sister Cindy. Love you guys
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